Introducing the Nobi Snooze Feature

Brand new feature facilitates work of care staff

At Nobi, we keep innovating to offer ever-improving fall detection and prevention technology, ensuring that the elderly and their loved ones can live in happiness, independence and dignity. Moreover, we also aim to support care staff by facilitating their work through new solutions such as our Nobi Snooze Feature, which combines 2 features: an effortless deactivation of Nobi escalation and the 15-minute fall detection break.

  • Effortless deactivation of Nobi escalation
    By pushing the Nobi push button, caregivers can easily deactivate the alert to inform others that help is provided. The option to deactivate the alarm via the Nobi platform remains valid.

  • 15-minute fall detection break
    Care and cleaning staff may sometimes trigger Nobi’s alarm unnecessarily, for instance when they reach under a cupboard for cleaning or when they retrieve a fallen book from under the bed. This can be prevented by pushing the Nobi push button: fall detection will then pause for 15 minutes, while the light function and the ability to call for assistance remain available. 15 minutes later, the lamp will automatically reactivate its fall detection.


Can I extend the period of the time-out?

When the time span has passed, you can repush the button to extend for another 15 minutes.

Why 15 minutes?

While providing care, it is unlikely for a caregiver to remain in a position that can be perceived as a fall for a timespan longer than 15 minutes. By limiting the timespan of the snooze feature, we reduce the risk of falling in case family or caregivers would leave the room before the end of the snooze time.

Can this period be configured (longer, shorter)?

​Currently, the feature cannot be customized to individual users or situations, but in case of emergency adaptation can be made.

What do I need to have this feature?

The Nobi push button

What should we take into account during installation?

  • Position the button out of the direct line of sight
  • Avoid placing it next to an existing switch to avoid confusion
  • Make sure you install the button high enough

How to complete the onboarding process?

  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left to open the menu, then click on "housing units"
  • Click on "peripherals”" and click on the "+" to add
  • Select the type of peripheral - scroll to the correct peripheral, either "switch" or "shelly" (depending on the available peripheral)
  • Choose the nearest lamp, the lamp will briefly light up, then click on "Next"
  • Pair the switch by pressing the physical button/switch ""Link with switch succeeded"l" will appear at the top, then select button type "snooze" and click on "Next"
  • The snooze button will appear in the overview of connected devices
  • Test if the onboarding was successful by simulating a fall and closing the escalation

How does it look in the app?

  • On the dashboard, "Zzz Local snooze" will appear for the relevant resident, and this will last for 15 minutes
  • This means that for 15 minutes, falls will not be escalated through any lamp in the unit
  • After 15 minutes, the "Zzz Local snooze" will disappear from the dashboard, and falls will be escalated again

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More information about the Nobi Snooze Feature?

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