The power of design

The power of stylish product design

Nobi wants to excel in its technology, but also in design and product development. We are convinced that product design is essential to bridge the gap between high-tech healthcare products and their users. People don't like intrusive or stigmatizing healthcare products that make them feel old and dependent. Moreover, they and their carers have a right to products that are easy to use.

​That is why Nobi broke with healthcare sector conventions and created a fall detection solution in the form of a stylish lamp that looks nothing like a healthcare product and fits seamlessly into any interior. Together with product design agency Watif, Nobi recently launched a new design developed around four concrete principles: simple, friendly, cozy, and discreet. The result? A revolutionary, innovative healthcare product that people buy not because they need it but because they actually want it in their homes.


Nobi is not alone in believing in the power of design in elderly care. This is evidenced by the 13 prestigious awards Nobi has won just months after launching its latest generation of smart lamps. With these awards, professional juries around the world have recognized the transformative power of Nobi's smart lamps and inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of design and technology so that older adults can age happily and safely. 

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Potential customers also respond enthusiastically to the new design of our new lamps, something that sets Nobi apart from the competition. So don't hesitate to continue pushing the Nobi design story on your sales and marketing channels: 

  • All the awards are listed on our website on the ‘About us’-page;
  • ​The list of awards we have won will be shared on the partnerportal with associated logos and content.

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