A Day in the Life

Nobi as partner of care professionals

A Day in the Life: Nobi as partner of care professionals​

The pressure on care staff due to aging populations and general staff shortage is growing every day. Care facilities all around the world find it challenging to ensure the quality of care. This is why solutions such as Nobi are becoming increasingly important. By now you are familiar with the fact that our smart lamp relieves a part of that pressure by offering support in routine tasks, enabling care personnel to invest their time more productively. This creates room for impactful interactions with residents, giving care staff more room to provide personalized care. To shed light on every aspect where Nobi can make the difference in supporting care staff, we have illustrated a fictional "Day in the life of a caregiver" based on real experiences.

Meet Mary

Meet Mary, a dedicated caregiver at Sunshine Care Home. Mary loves her job, and takes great pleasure in providing personalized care for residents. She realizes that each resident has a rich story, has lived a full life, and wants to empower them to continue doing just that. Just like Nobi.

​Journey Through Mary's Shift

Today, Mary has to work the night shift. Since installing the Nobi lamps, her shift doesn’t start with immediate rounds, but with a check on her Nobi dashboard. The dashboard offers an overview of the hall, offering much-needed support in Mary’s routine tasks. This overview helps her in personalizing care throughout the night, not disturbing residents who are fast asleep.

With the system's customizable settings, Mary can select which notifications need to be set up per resident. For independent residents with great mobility like Sarah, less monitoring is needed. But for George for instance, out-of-bed detection has been activated enabling Mary to respond proactively, especially in situations where George wakes up disoriented.

Integration and Rapid Response

Midway through her shift, Mary receives an alarm from a Nobi lamp through her work phone. Thanks to Nobi’s open API, Sunshine Care Home’s existing nurse call system has been integrated without issues. Upon learning that Dianne has fallen, Mary immediately rushes to her aid. The quick response time made possible by Nobi reduces the chances of severe injuries or prolonged rehabilitation.

From Detection to Prevention​

Once Dianne has received the help she needs, Mary reviews the circumstances leading to Dianne's fall to prevent future incidents. The Nobi app and dashboard will provide her with abstract images of 15 seconds before and after the fall to help her with this task. Mary finds that Dianne collided with a low table en route to the bathroom. She makes a note to discuss a safer arrangement of furniture with Dianne, further personalizing her care.

Improving Quality of Life

At the end of her shift, Mary checks in on Robert, a resident with severe insomnia. Nobi's sleep reports revealed that frequent night-time toilet visits were leading to sleep deprivation. With the right medication adjustment, Robert's sleep improved, leading to less delirium and better memory. Seeing Robert has only gotten out of bed 2 times that night, she feels relieved that his medication seems to be working.

Smart Devices Streamlining Tasks

Before heading home, Mary does one final check of Hanan's blood pressure. Thanks to Nobi's ability to connect wirelessly with the smart blood pressure monitor, the readings automatically go into Hanan's medical record, leaving Mary free for a warm, personal chat. The perfect way to end her shift.

Message to our partners

Though Mary's narrative may be fictional, the experiences cited are from real-life scenarios in care centers that have recently implemented Nobi. The care staff at these centers report that Nobi helps them manage their tasks more effectively, respond faster to emergencies, and dedicate more time to human interaction. 

This full storyline will soon be added to our partner portal as a usable PDF-file. 

If you've seen or heard about Nobi making a difference in a care home, we'd love to hear about it. Please connect with us via marketing@nobi.life.

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