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Wireless, self-powered switches for even more convenience

At Nobi, we are committed to keeping older adults safe and supporting care staff. We are proud to introduce the latest innovation in our product range:  the Nobi Button

What is the Nobi Button

The Nobi Button is a stylish switch that generates its own energy with each click:

  • No connection with electricity or batteries required;
  • A stylish, compact design that fits any interior; 
  • Easy to install yourself wherever you want thanks to the practical adhesive strips. 

Within this product line, 3 versions will be available, each with their own functionalities.

Light Button

Light button that switches the light of the Nobi lamps on and off without interfering with the operation of its fall prevention and fall detection features.

Alert Button

Panic button that immediately sends an alarm signal to care staff when pressed.

Presence Button

When pressed, 2 options are available: 

  1. Snooze Feature
    You indicate that there is an extra person in the room, so the lamp will not detect falls for 15 minutes.

  2. Sign off a fall
    You enter the room to help a resident right after a fall, letting the lamp know that help has arrived.

How do these buttons work?

The Nobi Buttons operate on self-generated kinetic energy released by a simple push of the button. This produces just enough energy to enable connection to the lamp, and to be 'charged' at all times. Connection to electricity or the use of batteries is not necessary. 

Thanks to the convenient adhesive strips, you place the buttons wherever you want, whether on the cabinet next to the resident's bed, on or under a table top, or next to the door. The range of the button is up to 15 metres (49 feet).

Where and when can I order them?

  • Available from 1 May 2024;
  • Price per piece is £79;
  • Available per 10 pieces. 

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