First results residential care home in the UK

The story of Hartland House

The story of Hartland House

June 2023 - Together with our British distribution partner Porters Care, we are pleased to launch Nobi at Hartland House, a residential care home in the UK that is part of the Abbeyfield international group. Hartland House focuses on personalised care in a homely environment. Known for its careful collection of data relating to falls, Hartland House was selected by the National Health Service (NHS) and the local Integrated Care Board (ICB) of Lancashire and South Cumbria for a pilot project on the use of AI in fall prevention.

Falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions. Studies show that 25% of falls result in hospitalisation. In fact, 50% of older adults who remain on the floor for more than an hour after a fall die within six months. Immediate help after a fall is essential, and this is something that has not escaped Hartland House staff. 

"Falls are one of the biggest mysteries in the residential care home. We simply have no insights into how and when they occur, or why they happen. It's a constant guessing game."

Leanne Scroghem, Registered Care manager

After a few weeks, the results were astounding, both for the residents and the carers at Hartland House. Watch this video to see how Nobi is making a difference to staff, residents and their families:

You'll find all the testimonials from Hartland House on Vimeo or on the Partnerportal.

Testimonials on Vimeo

Testimonials on the Partnerportal

Discover the staggering results!

Only 5 months after installation, Nobi’s Smart Lamps have had a big impact on residents and caregivers!

Hidden falls revealed

The Nobi lamp identified 64% of fall incidents that would otherwise have remained under the radar. 

Thanks to Nobi, every fall is reported and care staff can provide immediate assistance. 

84% fewer falls

At Hartland House, Nobi provides a remarkable 84% reduction in falls.  The Nobi lamps not only detect all fall incidents (100%). They also provide preventive measures that can significantly contribute to reducing these incidents. 

Statistics show that 62% of falls happen at night. To respond to this, when a resident sits upright in bed at night Nobi will shine soft light upwards to gently illuminate the room. Then if the person stands up, to go to the bathroom, for example, the smart lamp will illuminate the entire room. . 

Further to this, preventative alerts can be set up for frequent fallers to let care staff know when they sit up in bed. This means that carers can reach the resident before they attempt to get out of bed unaided.

More effective than regular nurse call systems

Regular nurse call systems are only effective in 20% of fall incidents. This means that 80% of people who have fallen are unable to call for help. 

Results from Hartland House confirm these findings: 82% of the elderly residents were unable to use the nurse call system. This means that if a resident falls in the night and cannot call for help they could be on the floor until care staff make their scheduled rounds to check on them. This could be anything up to 2 hours. 

Intervention up to 28 times faster

Rapid response to a fall can be life-saving. The Nobi lamp detects 100% of falls and alerts care staff immediately. This has led to a huge reduction in the average response time at Hartland House, falling from 57 minutes to under 2 minutes.

Political interest

At a PR event at Hartland House, journalists, representatives from the NHS and ICB, and policymakers had the opportunity to learn in detail about the features and benefits of our innovative Nobi lamps. They were impressed by how these smart lamps can enhance the healthcare sector through cutting-edge technology.

The full press release can be found in our pressroom.

Read the full press release 

Proof of concept communication as an accelerator

Using an initial, successful pilot case in marketing and communications has an accelerating effect on potential new customers. Nothing is more powerful and persuasive than Nobi customers explaining how our smart lamps make a difference to their care staff and residents. While you work on your own local success stories, Nobi encourages you to use existing cases.

Hartland House materials

In connection with the Hartland House story, the following materials are free to use and easy to download from the Nobi partner portal:

  • Testimonial video’s Leanne Scrogham (registered care manager), Rebecca Etherington (Health & Wellbeing Lead), Helen Whiteley (daughter of resident), and a compilation video that tells the full story.
  • Social media videos 30”.
  • Printable case in A4-format that can be useful as a trade fair handout or when potential customers visit.
  • Full casestudy on the Nobi website: click here

Lead generation campaign

Case studies can be used in a number of ways to drive sales: in PR, sales communications and lead generation campaigns. We are about to launch such a campaign in the UK, using Hartland House to generate interest. This is how we encourage potential customers to leave their details and request a demo. Traffic to the landing page comes from:

  • A direct mailing to a database of potential customers;
  • A paid social media campaign.

Your own proof-of-concept campaign?
Are you planning your own proof of concept campaign? Don't hesitate to contact the Nobi Marketing team for a brainstorming session. We are happy to help.

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