Nobi opens its own production facility

Production and commercial security in uncertain geopolitical times.

Nobi opens its own production facility

In March, Nobi officially opened its own production facility in Aartselaar, Belgium. In doing so, Nobi is capitalising on the 'reshoring' trend, whereby companies decide to bring foreign production back to the country of origin. By the end of this year, Nobi will employ 20 people in its production facility. When building its team, Nobi offers a wide range of opportunities, including for people who find it difficult to enter the mainstream labour market. 

Local manufacturing gains popularity

More and more Belgian companies are bringing their production back to Belgium from abroad. Nobi is also swapping China for Belgium. The full assembly of Nobi's smart lamps, including electronics assembly (PCBA), has taken place near Nobi's headquarters in Antwerp since March 2023. Nobi's reshoring act is a conscious decision based on the following arguments:

  1. SECURITY: local manufacturing offers production and commercial security in uncertain geopolitical times..

  2. FLEXIBILITY: bringing thinkers and creators together physically allows fast-evolving scale-ups like Nobi to move quickly when the product needs an upgrade or when Nobi partners request adjustments.
  3. CONTROL: Nobi strictly guards the privacy of its customers. That is why it has opted for complete control from development to manufacturing. Bringing production back from China is part of this story.

Social employment 

By the end of 2023, Nobi will employ 20 people in its new production facility. The high-tech company offers opportunities to everyone. This includes people who sometimes struggle to find their way in the mainstream labour market. Nobi's prerequisite: a genuine commitment to supporting Nobi's common business goal.

The interim result? A few months after the first vacancies were advertised, native Belgians, Ukrainian refugees, people of Belarusian origin, new Belgians who are still in the process of learning Dutch and employees with occupational disabilities are standing 'side by side'. What unites them is a common goal: to make a difference in the lives of older adults around the world.

Invitation for a personal tour

Will you be in the Antwerp area in the coming months and would you like to visit Nobi's production facility? Send an e-mail to for more information or to make an appointment. We will be happy to give you a personal tour and show you how Nobi's smart lamps are made.

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