Simple Nobi Management: For customers with multiple branches

Managing various care homes, assisted living facilities, and residences is not always smooth sailing. We understand this at Nobi. Hence, Nobi now enables you to group various branches within corresponding clusters, all under a single Nobi account. Managing multiple locations with Nobi has never been so simple and user-friendly!

Introduction to Nobi's new organisational structure

Until recently, you needed a separate account for each branch. To provide larger organisations with a clearer overview within the Nobi platform, we now enable the clustering of different locations under one umbrella. 

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To protect residents' privacy, two roles can be assigned: 'user' and 'manager'. A Nobi user has access to all functionalities required for daily care of residents or patients. For managers, additional general settings and reporting tools are provided.

These two roles can be granted at three different levels within the new organisational structure:



This gives the user access to all branches within the entire organisation.



This role provides access to all branches within a specific region or cluster.



Employees have access to one specific branch.

What are the benefits?

  1. Simplified Access
    Customers responsible for multiple branches only need one login and password to access their assigned locations. Switching between these sites is just one click away. 

  2. Complete Overview
    Group managers gain a comprehensive view of the various branches under their management.

  3. Individual Role Determination 
    Based on authority, customers can precisely dictate access rights an individual user has across various sites.

Currently, all customers are listed at the branch level in the Nobi system. Thus, for smaller organisations, there's no change. However, for larger entities, this development is a valuable addition, potentially making a significant difference in efficiency. 

Do you have clients who might be interested in grouping their various branches? Our support department will gladly assist you in this process! Drop an email to, and they will aid both you and your clients with the transition. 

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