Embracing Technology in the Care Sector

Insights from Germany - A Nobi Perspective

Embracing Technology in the Care Sector: Insights from Germany

In an era where technology continues to spread across various sectors, the healthcare domain is no exception. Germany, just like the rest of the world, is suffering from a severe shortage of care personnel. Technology could create some relief. To better understand the tech landscape in care, Nobi recently did a survey in Germany that reveals the attitudes and perceptions of care professionals towards technology.

Insightful results

An impressive 94% of nurses wish to use technology in their day-to-day jobs. 96% firmly believe that it can drastically enhance patient care. These numbers show a strong enthusiasm towards technology integration in the sector, a trend Nobi can easily get behind.

However, the willingness to incorporate technology is contrasted by infrastructural challenges. As our survey found, 80% of care facilities lack sufficient Wi-Fi coverage across all rooms, making a full realization of technological potential in the care sector difficult.

This not only hinders advanced technology adoption but also disrupts basic tasks such as effective communication and seamless data sharing, impacting the quality of care. This only stresses the need for infrastructural development.

The sector’s vision

Sascha Sassen, General Manager of ZQM Korian, echoes this sentiment and highlights the importance of stakeholder involvement. "When it comes to the acceptance of new technology," he says, "the involvement of all stakeholders plays a crucial role. From the person in need of care and their preferences, to the employees using the technology, and us as facility operators. By considering all these aspects, we can quickly find the best possible solution."

The potential benefits are tremendous. Through collaborative efforts, we can bring about a tech-driven revolution in the care sector, driving forward Nobi's mission to elevate standards and efficiencies of patient care.

Resources for Action

In May 2023, we hosted a panel discussion in Berlin featuring key stakeholders in the sector, including managing directors, care tech distributors, doctors, and opinion leaders. The insightful conversations about our survey findings formed the basis of a couple of new marketing materials:

  • Survey Results: A PDF summarizing key stats and insights from our survey.
  • Whitepaper: A detailed report based on our panel discussion and survey findings, outlining potential opportunities in the sector.

Download the materials

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