Nobi welcomes Rob Fedrick as business development manager UK

Nobi welcomes Rob Fedrick as business development manager in the UK

At Nobi, we’re always eager to welcome fresh colleagues who can help us fulfil our ambition: ensuring that the elderly can live in happiness, independence and dignity. In this regard, Rob Fedrick certainly has the drive and expertise to make his mark. Joining us as our new business development manager UK, he can build further on the foundations that were laid by his predecessor Christian Geisselman. Although Rob has plenty of valuable experience in the healthcare sector, he took his very first professional steps in an entirely different area.

Can you tell us some more about your past professional experiences?

Rob: “I worked in the army during the first 10 years of my career, until eventually finding my way to Legrand Care, a brand specialising in the innovative development of connected solutions for the health and social care sectors. In the following years, I held various sales positions at companies such as Verklizan, Alcove and Tunstall, which are all specialized in digital healthcare and monitoring of the elderly. Overall, I bring over 12 years of commercial experience in healthcare technology.”

Why did you choose to join Nobi?

Rob: “I have been around in our sector, and what I see is that many competitors are selling the same things – albeit in different boxes. However, none of them are doing what Nobi does. It’s a groundbreaking product that keeps evolving to serve the needs of the elderly, but also of their loved ones and their care staff. By listening well to everyone’s specific needs, we can offer the Nobi solution that is truly required, while building up a relationship of trust.”

Who has been a major source of inspiration to you?

Rob: “While working at Legrand, I met Mick, a service user who was 52 at the time. Because of his medical condition, he had to retire early and was told to go and live in a care home. However, he found the way to equipment that allowed him to keep living in his own house, which was what he loved best. Ultimately, thanks to technology, Mick was able to live his remaining years in the comfort of his own home. Mick was truly a source of inspiration for me and my colleagues and we even launched a website at the time in his honour: Mick’s House.”

What is your vision on elderly care in the UK?  

“As is the case in many countries, the population is getting older on average, which adds to the pressure the NHS (National Health Service) is under. In the coming years, increased focus will lie on freeing up beds in hospitals and providing more care at home whenever possible. Nobi can clearly make a major difference in that regard. We’ll need to look into the needs of the NHS and see how current and future product features can answer these needs.”

How do you see our solutions evolve?

Rob: “Of course, Nobi already offers numerous advanced features, but the company’s innovative spirit will surely lead to new developments. For example, somewhere in the future a resident can be asked to walk the same distance between two lines every week. This way, changes in physical abilities – for instance when the resident gradually becomes slower - can be closely monitored and even predicted.”

What do you see as a big challenge?

Rob: “There’s still quite some resistance to change. Many healthcare technologies still make use of radio waves, which is what most people are used to. But Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are clearly the way ahead. As technologies change, mentalities need to change as well.”

Which ambitions do you want to realise at Nobi?

Rob: “Well, I like to dream big. I am convinced that our technology should be everywhere, in every home, improving everyone’s lives regardless of age or ailments. I’m genuinely excited about Nobi’s mission.”

Final question: what do you do outside working hours?

Rob: “I love spending time with my family: I have been happily married for 22 years now, and we have a 16-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. 

While one is finishing high school, the other is starting, which keeps us on our toes (laughs). And although I may not look like an athlete according to some, I often participate in endurance activities such as triathlons: I recently ran 52 miles. Furthermore, I play drums and guitar, sharing a love for rock music with my son. We went to an Iron Maiden gig together last week – to end on a high note."

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