Nobita’s vision technology in beta phase

What it’s all about?

At Nobi, the safety of the residents and the comfort of the care staff are paramount. This is why earlier this year, Nobi scrapped radar technology to switch to vision technology with optical sensors.

Vision-Nobita: safety and comfort

Vision technology offers a wide range of possibilities. It reduces the number of false fall alarms to an absolute minimum. The result: less ‘alarm fatigue’ among care staff and increased safety for residents. On top of that Nobi distinguishes itself from traditional fall detection systems that often result in frustration and alarm fatigue among care staff due to a large number of false fall alerts. This, in turn, compromises the safety of the resident, and at Nobi, safety always comes first!

Status training mode ‘vision-Nobita’

​Before the Nobita with vision technology is finally activated, we train it to become a best-in-class fall detection system. During this AI learning phase, it emits light but does not detect falls. However, we are raising awareness that in this phase not every fall may be detected.Only when rigorous testing shows that Nobita is 100% ready, will it be deployed for fall detection and prevention.

Residential care homes are already getting the chance to participate in the beta phase, in which we already activate fall detection. In this phase, falls are detected without burdening care workers with false calls. All feedback will be closely monitored to further improve Nobita at a rapid pace.


What are the advantages of activating the beta phase for Nobita-vision? 

The AI model has already undergone a learning process and, therefore, already detects falls. However, at this point, we cannot guarantee 100% certainty that every fall will be detected. Nevertheless, safety always comes first, and every fall that is reported can make a difference.

How can the beta phase be activated?

Our support team is here to help with that. Please contact us via

Can the lamp be put back into learning mode?

Certainly, our team is happy to assist with that. Please contact us via

How long does the beta phase last?

Since the model continues to learn every day, we cannot provide an exact duration. We expect it to take several weeks, but we closely monitor developments and will provide timely updates! 

Where can I see the current phase of a specific lamp?

On the dashboard, under the section « housing unit » there is an overview of which lamps are in which mode.

What does it mean if I choose not to participate in the beta phase?

In that case, the lamp can only be used for lighting control. Once the AI model is sufficiently trained to guarantee 100% fall detection, we will communicate the update to the relevant individuals with additional information.

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